Prayer Requests

Prayer Answers & Request's

This is an archive of prayer requests and answers from Linnea's life.  


- A new house in the just the right neighborhood and just the right distance from everything we need

- health for Diana because she is PREGNANT!!

- health for the new developing baby

- PRAISES - Another baby - a new job - Grandma & Grandpa Lee and their support and hospitality - Our household goods were moved from Colorado for free b/c of the government job - and a great church to attend


- Peace as we make the huge transition from life with Linnea, to life without her

- Understanding for Annabelle as she learns to accept that her "baby naya" is in Heaven, and will not be coming back

- Rest

- Wisdom as we develop desires and directions for our new life

- Annabelle as she has started pre-school

- PRAISES - Linnea is no longer suffering.  She is perfect, complete, and she is having a great time in Heaven - Nathan has a job as an Assistant Manager at Hudson Trail Outfitters - CO vehicles were traded in for a sporty, champagne colored minivan - health has been good as well 


- Job for Nathan

- Suburban and Subaru to sell in Colorado

- Continued good health for all of us

- Nathan's allergies have been pretty bad and have caused a deal of discomfort

- Strength for Diana as she cares for the kids most of the time


- We have made it to Maryland with no problems!  Praise the Lord!  We have a place to stay, food to eat, Nathaniel's 4Runner to get around... the Lord has taken good care of us.

- We are still waiting to here about a special medical assistance program for Linnea that would allow private nursing to give us some rest... please pray that the decision will be expedited so we can detour our path to insanity.

- Please pray that Nathaniel will find a good job with sufficient income.  There are plenty here, the right one just hasn't hit us in the face yet... or any at all really.

- Please continue to pray for our spiritual and emotional well-being... some hero might say that "these are the times that make us men," but these are also the times that make us lose hope if we chose to not rely on the Lord and each other for rest.  Satan uses distress to dishearten the Godly man and woman... the time is good for his evil-doing, but God's timing is better and He is caring for us. 

- Thank you Lord for the help you have given us by the hands of your people in Colorado and here in Maryland... we are blessed to be your sons and daughters and our lives are available for Your service.


- There are too many logistical things that need to come together in order for this to be a smooth transition to Maryland.  If you do not already know we are moving to Laurel, MD on April 16th.  One of us may leave early in order to be there waiting, but we are not sure if that will work.  Basically, we must have MD Medicaid set up in order to obtain the equipment that Linnea needs.  The problem is that Medicaid cannot be set up until we arrive in MD... that creates a lapse in time that we cannot afford.  Nathaniel has contacted pretty much everyone that has anything to do with medical issues in MD, and the next couple of weeks will show us how things are going to happen.  It is confusing and sometimes depressing, but we trust that the Lord will bless the work we have done and pull it all together at the right time. 

- There are some issues in particular that we must take care of in order to get this medical transport.  We must provide a vehicle that can properly transport 2 flight nurses, a 6 ft. stretcher, and one of us to and from the airport that they choose to fly into... possibly Jefferson County Airport.  We must provide the same transportation to and from the Airport in Maryland.  Please pray that these issues will be provided for. 

- Also, pray that God will give us wisdom in how to handle our vehicles and possessions here in Colorado.  We plan to come back for our household things in Leadville when we have a permanent place in Maryland, but we must get the right vehicles and stuff out to Maryland without taking too much.  Trivial really, but a concern nevertheless.

- Praise the Lord!!  This just in... We have been approved for SSI Medicaid (that will make the transition to Maryland easier in some ways) and we have also been approved for some equipment purchases through Medicaid... that means that we now own more of the equipment that Linnea needs!  Less to get from Maryland. 

- Thanks for your faithfulness in prayer!


- Praise the Lord!  A family from City Presbyterian (this church has been our foster church and provided us with an amazing amount of childcare, support, friendship...) has provided us with a printer so I can finish my schooling, etc.  Thank you so much!

- We are looking for job opportunities for Nathaniel, preferably one that can move us Washington DC.  We must also decide what to do about more schooling.  We have thought about Nathaniel pursuing a Nursing degree to combine with his Outdoor Recreation Leadership degree... Backcountry Nursing maybe.  We'll see where the Lord puts us.

- Praise the Lord!  Linnea officially qualifies for 20 hours of private nursing every day!  This means that we can have nurses stay through the night and even during the day if we need it sometimes.  The only issue is the availability of nurses.  There is a shortage of them.  We will have to set up the same care when we eventually move.  Please continue to pray for our homecare situation.


- Praise the Lord!  We are going to have night and some day nursing provided to give us a break.  We have been asking people about this for about a month and now we are actually going to get it.  This is a huge answer to prayer since we have such a busy schedule with Linnea's health and I am going to have to work or finish school eventually.


- We have a '93 4x4 Suburban 1500 that we have been trying to sell since November.  The vehicle has about 95,000 miles it's replaced engine and transmission.  We are the 2nd owners, the 1st was a mechanic.  We really need to sell this vehicle because we are still making payments and paying insurance.  Interested, or know someone that might be?  Call us at 615-419-4587

- Praise the Lord!  He has continued to provide for us financially.

- Praise the Lord!  We have some tentative plans that may ease a move to the east coast.

- Praise the Lord!  Annabelle has been great and she seems to have an understanding about what is going on that transcends our own at times.


- We are in need of an "All-in-one" style printer, fax, scanner so Nathaniel can finish his schooling from a distance


- God's strength and healing for Linnea

- Logistical planning for moving to the East coast

- Finances

- Help/ ideas for taking care of Linnea when she is discharged from the hospital

- Understanding for Annabelle

- Patience for Diana and Nathaniel